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Sawtooth Sky Bloom, 2021


Double Exposure / WIldflower Bouquet (In Remembrance of Our Dearly Beloved Glaciers), 2019


Refraction Is the Bending of Light as It Passes From One Transparent Substance to Another, 2020

The Sun Approaches the Celestial Equator in a Northerly Direction

carbon / pigment prints of film photos on cotton rag

various dimensions

collection assembled in 2023


Shot in various locations around Montana and Idaho between 2019 and 2021, with a trusty old taped-up plastic camera warped from a few seasons of mid-summer Mojave Desert heat, this series was put together and printed for a winter-springtime installation. The series and one of the pieces are titled with appreciation for scientific definitions that explain worldly phenomena and read poetically — somehow straddling the realms of dry didacticism and flowery abstract language all at once.

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