Terra Cognita

digital C-prints
various dimensions

collection assembled in 2018

Most of these photos were taken while I was working as a small group adventure camping tour guide. All of the shots were exposed to medium format film with a toy camera that was held together with gaffer tape in an effort to prevent light leaks, which often occurred regardless due to the plastic camera body becoming warped by mid-summer Mojave Desert heat.


This series often reminds me of a simple fact of life I am grateful to have developed an intimate understanding of and shared with many friends on the road: the weather tends to be as dramatic as the landscape.

Light Leak at South Platte, 2017

Eagle at South Platte, 2017

Post El Niño Bloom II, 2016

Post El Niño Bloom I, 2016

Tumbleweed Ashore (Pyramid Lake), 2016

Creosote, Panamints, and Light Leaks, 2016

Superbloom near Salt Creek, 2016

Death Valley Rocks, 2012

Lily of the Desert, 2012

Elisa at Mesquite Flats Shortly Before the Piano Truck Pulled into the Parking Lot (Dune Babe), 2012

Grande South, 2013

The Grand Canyon Was Fogged Out, but the LCR Gorge was Especially Beautiful (Luckily), 2013

Shelter from the Sun (CA), 2012

Shelter from the Sun (WY), 2016

Golden Hour at Easton's, 2016

Rest Stop Patriotism, 2016

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