Art & Design © Nicole Santucci 2010 - 2019

80 Westbound


digital C-prints
5" x 7"

2012 - 2017

The vantage point of a moving car leaves the composition void of the still contemplation captured by the traditional romantic landscapes of art history, yet depicts a different sort of more abstracted beauty.


Most of these photos were taken while I was working as a small group adventure camping tour guide. All of the shots were exposed to medium format film with a toy camera, which was held together with tape in an effort to prevent light leaks that often occurred due to the warped plastic body that spent a lot of time in mid-summer Mojave heat.

447 Southbound

95 Southbound

267 Southbound

190 Eastbound

40 Eastbound

40 Westbound

66 Westbound

62 Westbound

395 Southbound