Nicole Santucci is an interdisciplinary artist and designer currently residing in The Shields Valley, Montana. Born and raised amongst the windswept hills of the Altamont Pass, California, she owes her outlook on both art and life to knowing the middle of nowhere like the back of her hand. Her solo and collaborative artwork has been performed and exhibited at The Cooper Union, The Exploratorium, The Wythe HotelGoodnight Projects, The Prelinger Library, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and Southern Exposure. With high distinction, Nicole earned her BFA from California College of the Arts in 2011, and one of her original designs was awarded Grand Prize in an international competition hosted by the Buckminster Fuller Institute in 2013. Nicole’s work has been featured in articles and reviews in Wired, Gizmodo, Dezeen Magazine, Architizer, Fast Co.Design, Tree Hugger, and DRIFT: A Magazine of West Coast Cultural Production.


I make artwork to examine, reveal, and intervene human-made patterns that affect cultural perception and experience of landscape. From growing up on a cattle ranch, to spending a decade renting inner-city flats around San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, to living on the move while working as a road-trip tour guide through National Parks in the Southwest for a few summers, I’ve become myself through experience in an vast spectrum of wilderness to metropolis. Life has lead me to notice the symbiosis between humans and the environments in which humans live. My artwork wishes to inspire thought about how Western society's historical efforts to better understand and exploit landscape can alter the essence of a place, the minutiae of which it is composed of, and the human experience of that.

Art & Design © Nicole Santucci 2010 - 2020