Nicole makes interdisciplinary art and design work and resides in rural Park County, Montana. Before settling in the Rockies, she lived in a pretty vast spectrum of different places—including inner cities, unincorporated areas, and summers spent traveling for work in National Parks around the West. All that exposure to, adaptation to, and developed understanding for an exceptional diversity of places and ways has inspired her creative practice, conceptually rooted in intention to illuminate the symbiotic relationship between humans and landscape, with a sincere interest of improving quality of life on Earth. Recently, Nicole's artwork has taken form with arrangements of mirrors, film photography, scientific and folksy philosophy, and reminders of the viewers’ connection to the past, present, and future in cultural and ecological terms. Her work celebrates, criticizes, and evokes thoughtfulness and understanding regarding the way in which Western Society’s efforts to better understand and manipulate natural order can profoundly alter human experience, the essence of place, and all that kind of jazz.

Nicole's solo and collaborative work has been performed and exhibited coast to coast, near and far, at The ExploratoriumSouthern ExposureYerba Buena Center for the ArtsGoodnight Projects, The Cooper Union, The Wythe HotelThe Livingston Center for Art and Culture, and Brackett Creek Exhibitions. In 2011, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts. One of Nicole's original designs was adopted into the legacy of one of her heroes when it took the cake in an international competition hosted by the Buckminster Fuller Institute in 2013. Her work has been featured by Wired, Gizmodo, Dezeen, Architizer, Fast Company, Tree Hugger, and DRIFT: A Magazine of West Coast Cultural Production. Recently, an AMC TV series inspired by a project she worked on, in collaboration with Nonchalance, hit the tube.