Art & Design © Nicole Santucci 2010 - 2019

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Advertisements for Celestial Expansion

four-color screenprints
16" x 24"
editions of 20


Advertisements for Celestial Expansion is a series of four-color screenprints of digital collages that juxtapose imagery borrowed from the NASA image archive, Homestead Act era railroad advertisements, and vintage Arizona Highways magazines. The works explore potential parallels and differences between the future of untouched landscapes beyond earth and an historic interpretation of landscape that allows the interests of Western civilization to conquer. 

From the body of work Go West and Conquer All Above You, which addresses the romanticism surrounding exploration, landscapes void of civilization, and the human tendency to organize geography. It specifically considers the efforts of contemporary space programs and the likely sites for extra-terrestrial expansion in relation to the mindset and attitude of American pioneers and the westward expansion of the United States. The exhibition intends to encourage viewers to consider how romanticism of untouched landscapes can ultimately lead to the negation of the wildness that was initially attractive.

Made in collaboration with Lee Cody.