Natural and Cultural Resources for Enjoyment, Education, and Inspiration

cut paper collages
variable dimensions (4 x 5 in - 8 x 10 in)

2015 - 2016

Something about the process and result of deconstructing and rearranging didactic material into poetic abstractions reflects the transformative quality of experience I tend to encounter in wild ecosystems. These compositions are arranged to represent a blend of both memories of personal experience and imagined, idealized tableaus. I hope this series reminds viewers of their own awe-inspiring experiences in nature and the importance of respecting, restoring, and preserving America’s natural and cultural resources.


Swift Sandstone

Crumbles Easily

Hunt Gather Work Play

Noble Trickster

No Shade Below Sea Level

View of Arch

Ocotillo Sunset

Big Dunes


Recreation Area


Bull Bloom Formation

Moon Fire Camp Light

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