GreaterThanYouCan PossiblyImagine.jpg

Greater Than You Can Possibly Imagine

tintype, engraved mirror, pine

8.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 in


Greater Than You Can Possibly Imagine features GN-z11, the most distant object known to humankind. Our collective awareness of this unimaginably enormous entity amounts to a pixelated blur. All we can sense of it is a sort of a visual record of its aura, a rough outline, from the unimaginably distant past. When I first read about GN-z11 as a young lady in 2011, I sensed some kind of uncanny and poetic analogy to my own nebulous perception of my future at the time. I felt a profound and overwhelming unknowingness about the great unknown and all its unclear yet present properties. 

Something about the existence of our awareness of GN-z11 illuminates a connection between past, present, and future. This tableau that includes a reflection of the viewer's present (a mirror), a historical way of notating of known unknowns (mare incognitum), and real futuristic imagery (GN-z11) was made with the hope of functioning as a friendly reminder of how we all exist in connection to a context that is greatly larger than ourselves.